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HAIL MERRY: Chocolate Almond Butter Tart, 3 oz

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We love chocolate & almond butter together because they satisfy cravings for both salty and sweet, while reminding us of our most favorite childhood treats. This elevated experience not only delivers energizing medium chain fats, but also a luxurious and creamy mouth feel from the coconut oil chocolate ganache filling. Our low temp grind almond butter center, tastes more sweet and fresh than typical high heat roasted butters. The almond flour crust is not only contains good fats, but is so tasty it can stand alone as its own cookie. Sweetened with dark amber mineral-rich organic maple syrup for a lightly sweet but complex flavor. Perfect for that personal moment of reward, as a pre-workout snack, or for entertaining your friends and family. Loved by Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegans, Paleos or anyone seeking pure ingredient snacks that taste great!