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HAIL MERRY: Macaroons Blonde Raw Gluten Free Vegan, 3.5 oz

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We recently changed our name from Macaroons to Merry Bites™, because we felt like Merry Bites™ better described the elevated experience our recipes offer, especially the enhanced Caramel Sea Salt, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Salted Brownie flavors which contain much more almond flour for moistness. For those of you who love our famous award winning original recipes, do not worry, the Dark Chocolate, Pure Vanilla and Lemon macaroon recipes have not changed the coconut/almond flour ratios. Our Blonde Macaroon name was replaced with Pure Vanilla Merry Bites™. We felt that Pure Vanilla best describes this recipe especially since we added additional organic vanilla for a more intense flavor experience. NEW RECIPE! When you smell really good quality pure vanilla, it can be a soothing and relaxing experience. That is exactly how you will feel when you bite into our Hail Merry Pure Vanilla Merry Bites™. Chef Ali was a bit heavy handed in the kitchen with the Madagascar vanilla when creating this newly enhanced recipe. Our coconut macaroon inspired Merry Bite™ flavor will also surprise the palette with it's super soft and moist texture from the organic coconut oil and sweet almond flour. Sweetened with organic maple syrup from a family farm in Vermont, these simple yet luxurious snacks will surely calm the soul.