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VALLEY POP: Popcorn Cheddar Cheese, 6.5 oz

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At Valley Popcorn, our passion for popcorn begins with the soil. Fertile, Midwest farmland that is rich in nutrients and cared for by farmers who still work the land, is just the start. Carl’s education as an agronomist drives Valley Popcorn’s artisan seed selection to ensure it is planted to not cross pollinate and dilute its flavor, as well as maintain the proper moisture when harvested. Trucks deliver our seed directly from the farm to our facility in Wisconsin where it is made in small batches over an open flame. Each small batch only produces three Big Bags of popcorn and is monitored by our chefs to ensure the heat, coconut oil and salt make the perfect combination to gently absorb into the popped corn for a consistent flavor throughout each bite.   When Carol and Carl began using this revolutionary popping process more than 20 years ago, they learned that coconut oil is a natural preservative and has a higher heat tolerance allowing for more popped kernels and a longer lasting freshness. It’s that freshness that makes all the difference to our customers’ taste buds. They literally can taste and feel the difference. Valley Popcorn’s desire to perfect popped corn also meant that new packaging techniques were needed. Each bag is packaged within minutes of being popped and has more popcorn per bag than any other popcorn manufacturer due to custom technologies that Carl himself engineered and patented. And then, it’s delivered to your door or the grocery aisle immediately. Perfectly popped corn, from the farm to your table, in a matter of days. Just three simple ingredients … but it’s taken years of dedication and a belief that every step in this process is what makes the difference in Valley Popcorn’s freshness and favor.