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ZACKS MIGHTY: Organic Tortilla Chips Sea Salt, 9 oz

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Crispy and Satisfying - Our chips are cut from freshly baked tortillas, then fried to the perfect crisp and sprinkled with sea salt as they come out of the fryer. DIVE WITH CONFIDENCE: Hate weak tortillas? So do we, which is why we created Zack Mighty Tortilla Chips. Our Tortilla-First process gives our chips the strength to lift even the heaviest guacamole, without giving your jaw too much of a workout. GREAT FOR COOKING: Perfect for all your dipping adventures or as a base in nachos, tortilla soup, chilaquiles, and more Highest Quality - USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten Free (Duh! They're made from corn...) This is a large bag - includes a 9 oz. bag so you can bring the party to your pantry.